Decorative repoussé tin panel with copper treated surface, titled 'Justin', set within domed glass and framed with imitation walnut. The style of clothing and armour depicts a scene at the end of the fifteenth century, and probably central European, though the scene of a nobleman riding through a crowd on horse back may in fact depict the Byzantine Emperor Justin I (reigned 527-565AD).

There are no manufacturer or artist markings on the panel, so the country of origin cannot be identified precisely, although it is likely to be of central-European origins.

Twycross family history places this item on the walls of the Burrell homestead at Arthur's Seat. It is therefore unlikely to have been purchased by John Twycross at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, as were the majority of other items in his collection held by Museum Victoria.

Physical Description

Oval repousse panel, depicting the arrival of Justin (Crusade imagery/ Medieval scenery.) In wooden frame. Paper attached to back. Engraved on bottom left edge of image.

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