Hand carved ivory box depicting a village scene with people in Chinese costume, pavilions, manufactured in China during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) for export, circa 1880.

The displays of the small Chinese Court at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition were generally regarded with some disappointment as being insufficient to appropriately reflect the quantity and quality of China's various industries - two thirds of the Court being devoted to a display of tea. However, a few particular industries were singled out in the Australian press, one of them being the skill of the ivory carver. Examples of ivory carving were featured in the Chinese Court in a glass showcase were they were noted for being 'executed with great delicacy'.

Physical Description

Rectangular box, ornately carved on all sides and lid with images of daily life, including willow trees, pavilions, and people. Gold hinges and lock (no key). No markings.

More Information