Brightly coloured earthenware jug manufactured in China, probably for export, during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), circa 1880.

Decorated in gaudy, vibrant colours illustrating Chinese figures, this jug was probably made for an export market to the West, and its shape is more typical of a milk jug in an English tea service. The inside rim of the opening of the jug is richly painted with foliate tendrils, birds, butterflies and flowers.

Physical Description

Jug is bulbous in shape with a flaring rim. Decorated with scenes of Chinese men and woman within elegant interiors, and highlighted in blues, golds, greens, pink, russets and blacks on a creamy white ground. Inside rim is elaborately decorated with a garden design of birds, insects, butterflies and flowers in blue, gold, green, pink and russet bordered in gold. Handle is creamy white with a splayed floral pattern of gold elliptical shapes. No markings.

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