Painted porcelain plaque depicting an angel and child. Manufactured by Josef Zasche, Vienna, a paper label affixed to the back indicates it is titled 'Up to God' (Auf zu Gott), after an original oil painting by Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1805-1874). The plaque was exhibited at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, where it was acquired by John Twycross. It is mounted in a19th century velvet frame.

Three Viennese companies exhibited decoratively painted porcelain ware at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition: Rädler and Pilz, Charles Falb and Josef Zasche. Both Falb and Zasche had their works listed in the catalogue of works of art, rather than just as pottery. Zasche in particular was noted for his display of porcelain and enamel paintings of portraits, dishes, vases and plates.

Josef Zasche was born in Gablonz in 1821. In 1844 he served an apprenticeship as porcelain, ivory and enamel painter at the Vienna Porcelain Manufacture. Three years later, in 1847, he established his own workshop in the centre of Vienna. Zasche was famous for painting religious subjects, often copies after Old Masters. His works were displayed at a number of International Exhibitions, including Melbourne in 1881, Philadelphia in 1886 and Chicago in 1893.

Physical Description

Oval, painted with an angel in flight holding a young child and bouquet of flowers in her arms. Below her is a city scape. On the back, a paper label is affixed. In a deep red velvet frame, loose.

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