Stoneware pitcher featuring Asian figures in a Wedgwood relief style, manufactured in England, possibly by Dudson Potteries in Hanley, Staffordshire, circa 1880.

The Dudson Potteries were founded by Richard Dudson who opened the first factory in Hope Street, Hanley, in 1800. During the nineteenth century, the company produced a range of fashionable ceramic ware, including Staffordshire figures, relief moulded stoneware, jasper ware, ebony and mosaic (rouletted) ware. Their jasperware products, manufactued in the style original developed by Josiah Wedgewood at the end of the eighteenth century, were particularly popular.

Physical Description

Brown earthenware jug, decorated with relief decoration in white. Scenes depict an Asian hunter and his dog, three men eating with chopsticks, and palm trees. There is a rope pattern of relief decoration about the rim of the pitcher. The Handle has been moulded to look like twine.

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