Alternative Name(s): Quran, Koran

Small dark leather-bound Qur'an with Arabic printing. This 300-year-old hand-written Qur'an originates from the Silvi Xhami (Cyprus mosque) theological school in Ohrid, now in Macedonia. It was brought to Australia from Albania by Lutfi Lloga in order to save it from certain destruction during the communist regime.

The Qur'an was donated by his son Erik Lloga in the late 1990s to the Albanian Muslim Society, Shepparton in celebration of the opening of a community centre extension to the first Albanian mosque in Victoria.

Physical Description

Small dark leather-bound book with extended leather flap for marking pages and stitched spine. All interior pages feature a panel of Arabic text handwritten in black ink, enclosed in a double-lined border with gold detailing. Some pages have decorative floral detailing at the left hand side. The first pages have solid decorative green borders around the text, with handwritten notes in Turkish on the first pages. The bordered text on the last pages have extra borders dividing the text.


This Qur'an represents an active effort by one community to preserve its cultural traditions, both by transporting the Qur'an to Australia where it had a chance to survive, and by making it accessible to the local Albanian migrant community. The Qur'an is a poignant material symbol of cultural loss and endurance, and the ways in which artefacts can be imbued with the cultural, religious and national identities at an individual and community level. It also represents the establishment of Albanian Muslim community life in Victoria.

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