Business card, grey, for 'Madame Serini, Haute Couture'. Madame Serini (Irredenta Itala Serini) was a post-war Italian immigrant who arrived in Australia with her family in 1950. She had trained in Italy as a designer and dressmaker, and worked as a high-end fashion designer in Hobart and Melbourne before setting up her own label in Melbourne in 1959. Madame Serini became a leading prestige women's clothing designer across Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, finally closing in 1981.

The telephone number on the card includes an STD number, which means it dates from 1971 or later. The hand-written addition of '9' at the beginning reflects a telephone number change which occured in Melbourne in 1995, so the card must have been printed before that date.

Physical Description

Business card, rectangular, grey, printed with black cursive script. No markings on back.

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