Black and white photograph featuring the Kodak Chief Engineer and another representative at work during in a portable site office during the construction period of the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd Coburg plant in May, 1958.

In this view, the then Chief Engineer for Kodak Australia, Mr Stuart Sanderson (later to become a Director and General Manager of Manufacturing Division) is on the left is discussing work with a Kodak design engineer involved with the project (possibly Mr Don Ferguson). Mr Sanderson was given the responsibility for the establishment of the new manufacturing complex at Coburg including the construction of the factory and the transfer of operations from the old site at Abbotsford. The calender is showing May 1958 and working drawings are scattered on the table. By this time Building 4 Roll Film and Building 5 Sheet Film had been completed externally and were being fitted out internally with appropriate services and room layouts which would have involved engineering and production staff knowledgable with these operations.

Description of Content

Two men in site office, one in hat with hands behind back, the other in a dark suit with a cigarette in his mouth, holding his hand to his head, looking stressed. Plans are laid out in front and behind them on tables.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photograph; landscape format.

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