Black and white photograph featuring an air drying system in the ceiling space of a typical factory building during the building construction period 1958-1960.

In this view within the ceiling space, ductwork coming from a common centrifugal air fan on the right was split into two separate ducts feeding into rooms below. Each duct had its own floor mounted steam radiator with each radiator connected firstly, to the 550KPa steam supply through a steam control valve, and secondly, to the condensate return line through a steam trap. Isolating valves throughout allowed the steam controls and traps to be serviced independently. The split duct to the right appears to be of much larger capacity than that to the left. These ducts would typically be run to separate or staged drying cabinets or rooms. Measuring instruments in the rooms would control the set temperature in the rooms via the steam control valves. Several roof trusses are visible along with service pipes and cable trays in the background.

Description of Content

Large fan with ducting in ceiling space of factory building.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photograph; landscape format.

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