Medal in bronze struck to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the appointment of the first Archbishop of Sydney and the establishment of the Australasian holy Catholic Guild of St. Mary and St. Joseph in 1863 (in black case)

Physical Description

A bronze medal (55 mm diameter) featurint a nativety scene

Obverse Description

Nativity scene with the baby Jesus reaching right hand towards a lamb standing facing left; Jesus is held by Mary, seated front head left, praying; Joseph sits at left resting tools on ground and watching; around above in two lines; Australasian holy Catholic Guild of S. Mary and S. Joseph, founded by his Grace / Iohn Bede, Count Polding, first Archbishop of Sydney, viii Iune, mdcccxiv

Reverse Description

At centre within line circle; ihs, 6 pointed stars above, below, left and right; around in series of eight arches; a monogram, moon, fish, fleur de lis, star, fleur de lis, fish and sun; around above, dilectio dei et proximi; around below, G. I. Rubie, Warden, MdCCCLxiii.

Edge Description


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