Medal issed in 1954 to commemorate the ryoal visit to Australia of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. It was minted by K. G. Luke.

Physical Description

Round gilt bronze medal with loop. Red white and blue ribbon.

Obverse Description

Conjoined busts of Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh. Around, ELIZABETH II & PHILIP : ROYAL TOUR 1954.

Reverse Description

Laurel wreath. Below, K. G. L.


Governance and public life are reflected in souvenir medals from the 1880 and 1888 International Exhibition, and medals commemorating Federation. Two Federation medals, one of fired enamel, mark the visit of the Duke & Duchess for the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament in 1901; the role of Australia's first Governor-General, Lord Hopetoun, is also commemorated in a medal; and one of the key medals in the Federation series is also included. Amongst these medals is a Royal Visit badge from 1954.

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