Plaque for the CSIRAC computer officially unveiled at Melbourne Museum by the Federal Government Minister for Science, Peter McGauran on Friday 23 July, 2004.

The CSIRAC Computer collection consists of over 300 objects, over 300 images and over 1000 documents relating to the CSIRAC computer. First run in 1949 and fully operational by 1951 CSIRAC was the first stored memory digital electronic computer in Australia and the fourth in the world.

Physical Description

Bronze coloured oblong plaque.


CSIRAC's significance comes from its pioneering contribution to software development and computer training; and its computation of scientific, industrial and business problems in Australia. In addition, CSIRAC is now the only remaining and intact first generation computer in the world, as a result its components, peripheral equipment and Archive are today unique artefacts from this early period of computing.

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