Medal minted by Newman to commemorate the Opening of the First Commonwealth Parliament and the Visit by Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York in 1901.

Obverse Description

Two shields with the bust of the Duchess of Cornwall and York on the left, and the Duke on the right shield. At top centre, a crown. Above the left shield, the Australian flag, and a thistle, representing Scotland. Above the right shield, the Union Jack, and a shamrock, representing Ireland.Between the crossed flags, a rose, representing England. Between the shields, an anchor. The Australian coat of arms beneath, with ADVANCE AUSTRALIA in scroll.

Reverse Description

In centre, TO COMMEMORATE THE / VISIT OF T.R.H. THE / DUKE & DUCHESS OF / CORNWALL AND YORK / TO AUSTRALIA / AND THE OPENING OF / THE FIRST / COMMONWEWALTH / PARLIAMENT AT / MELBOURNE. Above, six stars wth crown in centre. Below, rising sun, with 1901. Around, Australian flora including waratah, flannel flower and wattle. Below the sun, shamrock rose and thistle. At bottom, NEWMAN.

Edge Description


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