Found in the wreckage of the kitchen of Bill Coppinger's home at Mount Disappointment destroyed in the Kilmore East Bushfire on 7 February 2009. The skillet was originally owned by Bill's parents-in-law and was used in the general store they ran at Barwon Downs in the 1970s. It dates from before 1971.

This is part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection, which includes a number of interviews with Bill Coppinger and a large range of fire affected artefacts from his destroyed home.

Physical Description

Burnt metal pan and hollow handle. The handle is riveted to one side of the pan with three rivets and moulded into oval shape with metal joining seam underneath; it includes a hole on its tip for hanging. The object may have been enamelled as a small amount of black coating remains on handle and a layer within the pan seems to be lifting off surface. The pan shape is warped and there are fragments of surrounding debris in pan.


This is a story of good fire preparation but ultimate defeat before an overwhelming firestorm. On 7 February 2009, the donor watched closely as the Kilmore East Fire jumped the Hume Highway and moved across to the base of his property on Mount Disappointment. He was aware of the fire's movements, had vast amounts of water and was properly prepared to 'stay and defend', but his house, sheds and all of their contents were destroyed. He lost his dog and very nearly lost his life.

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