Passenger contract ticket on pink paper for Mrs E Brookfield and son John (aged 9) on board the Aberdeen Line ship 'TSS Marathon' from the Port of London to Melbourne. The third class passenger ticket shows that the ship was due to depart on 13 April 1920; however the ticket was issued on 14 April and the balance paid on 19 April 1920 for a total cost of 54 pounds. The ticket is also stamped cancelled dated 1 May 1920. Mother and son were travelling to Australia to be reunited with their husband/father who had migrated eight years earlier in order to purchase land and build a house.

Physical Description

Pink foolscap size paper ticket, printed with black typed text, with handwritten notes in black ink and purple stamps. Headed 'The Aberdeen Line Passengers' Contract Ticket', the ticket records port of departure, port of arrival, ship name, date of departure, berth costs (deposit and balance]. There is also a small cream coloured piece of paper printed in red ink directing passengers to conditions of transportation.


This passenger contract ticket provides a useful insight into early 20th century immigration from Britain to Australia, documenting the shipping line and ship, ticket type and prices, departure and arrival points all assisting in representing early 20th century immigration processes.

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