The bathi minydjalpi is a man's ceremonial basket as indicated by the strips of cloth and elaborate appendages attached to the body of the basket. The string is made of animal fur, possibly possum, and parrot feathers have been added. These appendages are also used to decorate sacred ceremonial objects, and then may be repurposed in this way.

Physical Description

A twined conical basket made of pandanus with a close weave. It has a multistrand handle of vegetable fibre string attached at the back of the rim. A diamond pattern outlined with stitching decorates the body of the basket. Multiple lengths of animal fur string, most likely possum, are attached to the body of the basket, and parrot feathers are spun into these. A band of resin (probably beeswax) is set near the top of these appendages. A horizontal band of parrot feathers is also embedded around the upper part of the basket. Strips of coloured cotton cloth are also attached to the basket.

Local Name

bathi minydjalpi

More Information