Product catalogue for "The Sunshine Auto Header", 26 pages, photographs, published in June 1939. According to an article published in 'The Australasian', on 10 Sep 1938, this appears to be a reprint of a publication that originally appeared in last 1938.

Front cover reads: "The Machine that Established a Record by Harvesting 3,300 Bushels of Wheat from 76 Acres in One Day. The Sunshine Auto Header".

First page reads: "On January 6th 1938 at Messrs. Eagle Bros.' farm, St Helen's Plain Horsham, Victoria, a 14 ft. auto header was driven into the crop at 4.45 a.m. and worked all day until 8.45 p.m., by which time 3,300 bushels of wheat had been harvested from 76 acres - a one-day, one-machine record for Australia, and as far as is known, a record for the world. Surely sufficient testimony to the claim that the Sunshine Auto Header is the speediest, most efficient and most economical harvesting machine yet made. Just visualise the mechanical efficiency of a harvesting machine which worked continuously for 16 hours, only pausing for such time as it took to lower the batches of filled bags to the ground - the tremendous yield of grain (43.4 bushels per acre) and the area covered that day (76 acres). The machine was just one of hundreds delivered to the farms, and without doubt other auto header owners will attack the record - but one thing is certain when the record IS broken the feat will have been accomplished by a Sunshine Auto Header."

The catalogue highlights four selling features: covers acres quickly, harvests storm-flattened crops, economic operation, and mechanical efficiency. Content covers: description of KA and KT models, new All-Steel Straight-feed front, detailed photographs and description of components including cut-away photographic diagram of the header with descriptive arrows to each part, using the header as a stationary thresher.

Physical Description

Stapled booklet, "The Sunshine Auto Header", 26 pages, yellow, red and blue cover, photographs,


'The Sunshine Auto Header ... The Machine that Established a Record by Harvesting 3,300 Bushels of Wheat from 76 Acres on One Day.'

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