Trade publication, "General Implement Catalogue", 32 pages illustrated with photographs and line drawings. Features fine quality colourful illustrations on the front and back covers with the slogan 'The Sunshine - The World's Best' 'Hugh V. McKay Works - Sunshine'. The publication was produced after 'Braybrook Junction' on the outskirts of Melbourne, where H. V. McKay began relocating his 'Sunshine Harveser Works' in mid 1904, had been officially been renamed as 'Sunshine' in July 1907.

The publication also includes text descriptions of the range of general farm machines and implements manufactured by H. V. McKay, including ploughs, disc cultivators, harrows, stripper, winnower, chaffcutter, horse works, reaper and binder, mower, hay rake, metal gates, bag loader, sack truck; combined truck, elevator & trolley; harvester, seed drill, ensilage cutter, corncrusher, portable drill. Some equipment is imported from England manufacturers. The publication includes: a line drawing on page one featuring an aerial view of the Sunshine factory, a photograph on page 12 of the blacksmith shop where McKay built his first stripper harvester in 1884, an index, a statement by H. V. McKay "To the Farmers of the Commonwealth", information on warranty and the following statement about protecting Australian production on the last page:

"...Made in Australia.../Every farmer should remember/ that is a right to his fellow-citizens in the Commonwealth that a man who earns his living in Australia, and who finds therein a market for his produce, should patronize home production whenever possible. When the goods are "Equal in Quality" this preference should be made. Every fair-minded man will see the justice of it. Keep the money in Australia, and do not send it to foreign countries that bar out our meat, wheat, fodder, wool, leather, butter, eggs, and manufactures. Why take goods from other countries that will not let in the products of our farms and factories?"

Physical Description

Publication features four coloured radiant and iconic illustrations. The cover illustration includes a farm house, seed drill and stripper, a horn of plenty spilling grain into bags, golden wattle, a globe with Australia highlighted, eucalyptus leaves, the pre-federation "Advance Australia" Australian coat of arms. I



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