Decorative string headbands are an important adornment for ceremony in Arnhem Land. This headband is made from a single continuous length of string wound around to form a circle to a size that sits comfortably on the head of the wearer. The feathered tassel attached with beeswax would hang down the back of the head. String or raki is most commonly made from the softened and shredded fibres of the inner bark of the Kurrajong (Brachychiton paradoxum). It is produced by rolling two strands of the fibre along the thigh away from the body; and with a backward rolling motion, pressure is applied with the base of the hand, causing the twisted fibres to ply.

Physical Description

A circular band consisting of a single length of vegetable fibre string wound around multiple times. A single pendant of coloured parrot feathers embedded in beeswax hangs from the bottom and is secured with a strip of cotton cloth.

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