Brochure titled 'Frigidaire - Better Than Ever Before!', dating from 1938, advertising 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators (fridges) distributed in Australia by Warburton Franki (Melbourne) Limited for General Motors-Holden's Ltd.

The brochure promotes 'Frigidaire' refrigerators as bringing savings on electricity, upkeep, ice wastage and food, due to the 'meter-miser' refrigeration unit in this brand of appliance. The new silent 'meter-miser' came with a '5 year protection plan'. The 'Frigidaire' featured a 'Double-Easy Quickube Tray', 'Hydrator' for storing fruit and vegetables, an automatic defroster, a 9-way adjustable interior, sliding shelves, Cold Control, automatic tray release and air cushion door seal. It also had a 'Food Safety Indicator' which showed when food is in the safety, freezing or danger zone. It is made from a steel cabinet with Dulux or porcelain finish, and the interior is stainless procelain. The all steel cabinet provides up to 223% more insulation. It uses F-114 refrigerant, a form of Freon, which was developed especially for the 'meter-miser'. A set of 3 matching refrigerator and ovenware dishes and jug were also available with the refrigerators.

General Motors-Holden's parent company General Motors is promoted as the one of the largest industrial and research organisations in the world, and as the world's largest manufacturer of mechanical refrigerators. The brochure does not say whether the fridges were manufactured in Australia or imported. It is possible that the refrigeration components were imported from General Motors in USA and the cabinets fabricated and fitted up locally into finished units.

Physical Description

Colour brochure folded into half and then into three, featuring white and blue background, with black text, and black and white photographs. The front features a hand tinted photograph.


'Frigidaire - Better than ever before! ... 40M-9/38'

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