The aptly named "Sunshine in the Orchard" booklet features a colour drawing of a sunny day in the orchard with wispy clouds and blossoms and a farmer driving a horse drawn orchard plough, the other "sunshine" needed in the orchard. The remainder of the catalogue is monochrome and is filled with comprehensive text and specifications about the products on offer. Artistically laid out, the choice of fonts and styles complements the the inclusion of photographs of working farms and detailed drawings.
The title page is devoted to company self promotion, detailing the many branches, distributors and agencies that can service "all agricultural centres throughout Australia". It includes an invitation to customers to inspect the Sunshine works, "which is the largest manufactory of Farm Implements in the Southern Hemisphere"

Description and specifications are provided for the following implements: Sunshine spraying outfit, Sunglow low-wheeled cultivators, Sunglow low-wheeled cultivator and lucerne renovator, Sunshine points for cultivators, Sunjunior one-horse orchard cultivator, Sunking straddle disc harrow and cultivator, Sunpearl disc harrow or cultivator, Sunkid the pony plough, Sunbird single-furrow plough, Sunstar single-furrow and double-furrow plough, Aurora one-horse single-furrow mouldboard plough, Sunglint single-furrow plough, Sunwrest two-horse single-furrow plough, Sunbird double-furrow plough, Sunleaf disc plough, Sunnie disc plough, Sunshine diamond harrows, Sunshine swingletrees for ploughing, Sundrop cotton seed and maize planter, Sunshoe planter and fertlizer, Sungem cultivator, planter and fertilizer, Sunshine chaffcutters, Sundex farm engines,

Physical Description

Quarto sized stapled booklet, 32 pages, illustrated with enhanced black and white photographs and line drawings.



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