A book format price list of Farm Machinery in Victoria. This publication has a soft cardboard cover with watermark printing and title on the front. Printed engravings on the rear show an aerial view of the Sunshine Harvester Works, inset with the Farm Smithy shed where the first Stripper Harvester was built.

The book is intended for use by Agents and is prefaced with an assortment of information. Inside the front cover is reference to World War II with a notice to agents of the sincere hope that war time conditions will soon be past in order that normal trade can be resumed and customers can once again be welcomed to inspect the Sunshine Harvester Works. The company describes its pride in its direct munitions production and the part played by its machinery in the greater and more diversified production achieved by Australian farmers. It reminds agents that the factory is always happy to hear from clients and concludes with a printed engraving of the Melbourne Showroom and a directory of the services available for farmers visiting Melbourne.

Other information includes delivery instruction code words for telegraphed orders, specific sales tax information regarding machinery and industry exemptions, and detailed text and charts for deferred payment plans. An index is included at the back along with a listing of the “Sun” implements and a calendar.

The price lists begin with the “Sunshine” Harvester, followed by the larger machines, and then smaller tools, implements and gates. Within the lists are illustrations, although smaller than in the earlier years, and detailed text explaining variant models, standard fittings, extra components for purchase and specifications. Prices quoted are for delivery on rails at Sunshine and a discount was applied for cash paid on delivery.

Each item has a code word included to simplify ordering. In earlier years there was a remarkable range of words, however the codes used in this publication have been shortened to a standard four letter format.

This particular list has numerous pages with updated information glued over existing pages in addition to pages that have information crossed out and hand written calculations of prices on page 98. Folded between the pages is an equipment invoice from The Machinery House, Albury, NSW, agents for H. V. McKay Massey Harris, with hand written price calculations on the back and a Victorian Railways receipt stamped Tallangatta is glued to the front page.


'SUNSHINE and MASSEY HARRIS FARM MACHINERY Agents' Price Book 1945 ... No. 45 VICTORIA ...' 5354, Sc, 545.

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