Promotional booklet issued after the death of H.V. McKay in 1926, reinforcing the leading role of the enterprise he created in developing Australian agriculture and manufacturing. The catalogue cover features a classic colour image of an idealised farming scene, and contains beautifully detailed etchings of farming equipment throughout along with detailed product descriptions and usage. A full page of the catalogue is dedicated to H.V. McKay and below a picture of the man an epitaph is printed: 'His life's work was devoted to the production of implements which aided Agriculture and benefited the Farmers of Australia'

A brief history of the company is provided which appeals to the legacy of the company and thanks the farmers of Australia for their ongoing support. The publication presents a series of quite detailed narratives restating the development of the company's key products and places each within an historical context relating to government policy, tarrifs, import replacement and the changing nature of farming. Interestingly the companies history also includes comments about the company's modern theories of reducing prices by increasing the volume of machinery produced in the factory and the subsequent benefits to farmers through increased mechanisation.



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