Booklet providing an account of the factory's buildings and plant, machinery, operatives, material consumption and wages paid. The history of the factory includes its contribution to the economic development of the region, its genesis beginning with the invention of the Stripper Harvester by H.V. McKay, and the business model formulated on modern theory.

It contains general descriptions of different products, such as the Sunshine Header Harvester and Combined Drill and Cultivator, as well as a more specific list of farm machinery manufactured at Sunshine Harvester Works in the back. The book emphasises the efficiency and durability of Sunshine's products.

The book contains full colour illustrations of Sunshine products being used in agricultural settings.

A photograph of Hugh Victor McKay is included within the book. Beneath the photograph he is described as the Founder of the Sunshine Harvester Works, with his date of death given as 1926. It states that "his life's work was devoted to the production of implements which aided agriculture and benefited the farmers of Australia." This catalogue was published shortly after his death, which is reflected in the commemorative tone of the company's history.

Part of a collection of photographs, negatives, moving film, artefacts, documents and trade literature belonging to the H. V. McKay Sunshine Collection. The McKay collection is regarded as one of the most significant industrial heritage collections in Australia. The collection relates to the agricultural manufacturing firm, the Sunshine Harvester Works. The Australian operations of this company were originally founded by Hugh V. McKay in the 1890s in Ballarat. Between 1906 and 1907, McKay moved production to Sunshine where the firm became one of the largest industrial businesses in Australia. Change in ownership is a recurring theme in the company's history. In 1930, it merged with Massey-Harris to become H.V McKay Massey Harris. In the mid-1950s, the company was absorbed by Canadian agricultural firm Massey-Ferguson. Production in Sunshine ceased in the mid-1980s, following almost 100 years of manufacturing agricultural equipment.



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