Product catalogue for "Sunshine Auto Headers", 36 pages, photographs, published in September 1934. Front cover features a photograph of a auto header in tall crop.

Page two has a large photograph of three auto headers working a down and tangled crop in northern New South Wales.

Page three headed "Sunshine Auto Header": "To witness the enthusiasm of a new owner, to hear the praises of an old one, to read the many fine testimonials from all over the world, is to be immediately impressed by this - the greatest harvesting machine of the century - the Sunshine Auto Header."

The catalogue highliights "Salient features": compactness and strength of construction, simplicity and economy of control, correct distribution of weight and power, efficiency of cutting gathering, thrashing and separating, reduction of moving parts, lubrication by highpressure gun system. Content covers: description of WA (Australian type) and WT (Argentine and New Zealand type) models, detailed photographs and description of components including side sectional view of the header with descriptive arrows to each part, detailed photograph showing the driving mechanism and the raising and lowering gear, extra equipment, using the header as a stationary thresher.

Last page promotes the support and advice from Service and Parts staff.

Physical Description

Stapled booklet, "Sunshine Auto Headers", 36 pages, black and white print, photographs,


'SUNSHINE Auto Headers'

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