Booklet containing a list of duplicate parts for the 14 Disc Sunderseeder, a combination of the 14-Disc Double Rear Wheel Sundercut and the 1-4Row Sun Grain and Fertilizer Drill. The cover references the Sunshine Harvester Works and lists the Australian Branches and Distributors. Information inside the front cover consists of the registered telegraph addresses for these locations, directions for using either Code Words when ordering parts by telegram or Mark and Number when ordering parts by letter, and a request to use specific codes for preferred despatch method.

Parts are listed in a functional table format with Code Word, Mark and Number, Description, and References to Related Parts and Illustration Plate number. Pages following the table contain labelled photographs of the majority of parts.

List No. 3812 F14


'LIST of DUPLICATE PARTS with ILLUSTRATIONS for the 14 Disc SUNDERSEEDER. A combination of the 14-Disc Double Rear Wheel SUNDERCUT and the 1-4Row SUN Grain and Fertilizer Drill.' List No. 3812 F 14 (6569), URN, 838

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