This brochure has a wealth of technical information presented in text as model features. Detailed cut away diagrams of the engine, transmission and differential complete the innovative technology message. The rated horsepower has been overwriiten by hand and revised to a lower level, possibly a company revision or printing error. Standard equipment and optional extras are detailed on the rear in a specifications table. The cover promotes the Model 20K as having "ample power with greatest economy for orchards and mixed farming".

The sun logo of this 1948 brochure has moved to a more stylised format than some of the earlier publications from this company. The cover photograph appears to depict the tractor driver as a returned serviceman, now farmer, which is also a change from the suited gentleman farmer often shown in earlier H.V. McKay publicity.


'SUNSHINE MASSEY HARRIS MODEL 20K ... L558, 1968, Sm, 148'

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