Alternative Name(s): Pin, Button

Fundraising badge pledging support until the end of the war.

On 27 January 1917 the Mildura Cultivator reported that 'A "'Win the War Button Day" is to be held on the 23rd of next month. For the button, the State Recruiting Committee has chosen the design of a white map of Australia, with the phrase "I will help until the war is won" on a deep blue ground, on which the Southern Cross appears. They are to be sold to aid the Lady Mayoress's Patriotic Fund, which has had so many cails upon it that the balance has dwindled down to £5000. Never theless they have promised £500 a month to the coffee stalls in the firing line.'

Fundraising badges, made to support overseas troops, veterans and their familes, were often linked to national days such as Wattle Day or Anzac Day.

Physical Description

Round metal badge in red, white, blue and gold. Gold rim and dark blue centre with five stars (Southern Cross) around a white map of Australia. Words in map are printed in red. Reverse has profile image, etched into metal, of a rearing lion (head & shoulders) brandishing a sword.

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