Booklet entitled 'A Short Guide for Intending Emigrants to Victoria' issued by J.E.Mackey, Minister of Lands in 1907 in order to encourage and promote Victoria as a settlement destination for preferably British migrants. The booklet is particularly aimed at male agricultural settlers and workers, and promotes the Closer Settlement Scheme (an Act passed by the Commonwealth Government in 1904) and the Small Holdings Act (1907) which assisted residents and new migrants in the purchase and improvement of land through government loans, as well as possible reduction on steamship fares.The State Government aimed to entice people away from the overcrowded inner city and suburbs with small holdings for farming made available throughout the state.

Physical Description

Small cream coloured booklet, 16 pages with soft cover. Front cover features title and 'Advance Australia' coat of arms (which was in use until the Commonwealth coat of arms was introduced in 1908. This coat of arms is also presented in an inverted configuration). The back cover advertises the Closer Settlement Scheme in Victoria. The booklet includes text and images and a fold-out map of Victoria which indicates various agricultural, industrial and infrastructural 'Facts about Victoria'.


This booklet provides an important representation of one of the key government-initiated migration and land settlement schemes of the early twentieth century. It demonstrates the Australian government's targetting of 'desirable' migrants, at this time being white British male agricultural workers. The booklet is an expression of the White Australia policy, clearly stating that 'Victoria desires immigrants, and welcomes to her shores all persons of white race who are prepared to make their homes in the State...' It is also an interesting early reference to Victoria as 'the Garden State' which became the official tourism motto for Victoria during the 1980s and 1990s.

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