Fourth edition of the Air Raid Precautions, Manual of General Training', published in August 1941 by the State Emergency Council for Civil Defence, Victoria. It contains nine chapters and an appendix, and includes details of gasses which might be used in an attack, including the World War I gasses phosgene and chlorine.

The booklet was used by Gwendolen Luly (1898-1988). She attended the University Practising School (later University High School) from 1911 to 1913, became a nurse and established St Clement's Private Hospital in Southey Street, St Kilda. In 1939 she cancelled the hospital's registration and spent the war years running the Altona Air Raid Precautions.

Gwen has annotated the booklet, including extended notes in the gasses section.

Physical Description

The booklet contains 72 pages printed in black ink, centrally bound with two staples. The cover is olive green with light brown colouring along the edges. A coat of arms is shown on the cover page with two women standing alongside a shield with five stars on it. A kangaroo is emerging from the top of the shield, holding an unknown object. There is a banner under the coat of arms with text. Handwritten name in black ink is marked on top of cover page. The back cover has an advertisement for various equipment used in the event of an emergency.

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