Alternative Name(s): Booklet, Pamphlet, Guide, Directions

Book titled 'A.R.P. Air Raid Precautions for Australians, H.E. - Fires - Gas, The Civilians’ Guide, What to Do Before, During and after an Air Raid' by Alan Brooksbank. This sixth edition was published by Robertson & Mullens, Melbourne and printed by Brown, Prior, Anderson Pty. Ltd, Melbourne.

Alan Brooksbank was the Air Raid Precautions Interstate Liaison officer of the St John’s Ambulance, a member of the Anti-gas Technique Committee of the Red Cross and Gas Consultant to the National Emergency Services, N.S.W. Mr & Mrs Alan Brooksbank were reported to have had 'the first bomb-proof Anderson garden shelter to be erected in a private garden in Australia installed at their home at Bellevue Hill', Sydney (Sydney Morning Herald, 23/7/1940, p.11).

Physical Description

Book of 104 pages with 13 chapters and a table of contents, printed in black ink. The cover is light brown with half of it bisected by a blue background. Some text on the front and back covers is printed in blue.

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