Alternative Name(s): Booklet, Pamphlet, Guide, Directions

Book titled 'A.R.P. Air Raid Precautions for Australians, H.E. - Fires - Gas, The Civilians' Guide, What to Do Before, During and after an Air Raid' by Alan Brooksbank. This sixth edition was published by Robertson & Mullens, Melbourne and printed by Brown, Prior, Anderson Pty. Ltd, Melbourne.

Alan Brooksbank was the Air Raid Precautions Interstate Liaison officer of the St John's Ambulance, a member of the Anti-gas Technique Committee of the Red Cross and Gas Consultant to the National Emergency Services, N.S.W. Mr & Mrs Alan Brooksbank were reported to have had 'the first bomb-proof Anderson garden shelter to be erected in a private garden in Australia installed at their home at Bellevue Hill', Sydney (Sydney Morning Herald, 23/7/1940, p.11).

The provenance of the book is not recorded, but the donor's aunt (?), Gwen Luly, ran the Altona Air Raid Precautions, and the daughter of one of her neighbours, Vera Lugton, was also an Air Raid Warden.

Physical Description

Book of 104 pages with 13 chapters and a table of contents, printed in black ink. The cover is light brown with half of it bisected by a blue background. Some text on the front and back covers is printed in blue.

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