Alternative Name(s): Aerogramme

Air letter addressed to Mr John Casey of Melbourne, Australia, from W. (Bill) C. Lee of Glasgow, Scotland, dated May 8 1945 - the date of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). It contains greetings and wishes for victory in the Pacific soon.

The author writes: 'This will be one of the shortest letters I've ever written you, but if I ever had command of all the words in Webster's [dictionary] I couldn't just put them together to suit my mood. We are pretty full today with thoughts of the past 5 yrs and our friends and relatives who are or were in the services. So far we have been blessed in that no relation has passed on, but others have not been so fortunate & we mourn friends sons & brothers of your own services as well as ours. ... There are scenes of joy today all thru this land, and no wonder. But, there are also tears, and I'm afraid I, a hard bitten Scot of the original 15th Scottish D[ivision] shed some of them. Memories are tricky chiels [?]. So now heres to V Day in the Pacific...'

Physical Description

Folded air letter consisteing of a sheet of light blue paper with pre-printed text in blue ink and extensive hand-written text in black ink on both sides. Rose-coloured stamp on the top right hand corner of one side showing a side portrait of King George VI and the price of the postage. The postmark is in black ink and has a picture of two bells connected by a 'V'. Fold instructions included.

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