Metal pin depicting a black Aboriginal male figure in the centre, holding his left arm above his head, as if to throw a boomerang. This iconography is the current logo of Blacktown Workers Club and can still be seen at the entrance of the club.

The City of Blacktown is today a suburb of Western Sydney. Before European settlement, Blacktown was inhabited by the Darug people. Soon after settlement up to 90% of the Aboriginal people in the Sydney area died of smallpox. In 1814 a farming school for surviving Aborigines was set up in Parramatta. After local residents complained, it was moved further west, to the corner of Richmond Road and Rooty Hill Road North, an area that became known as "Black's Town". Today Black's Town is officially called the City of Blacktown. Blacktown today is a multicultural city, with 40% of its population born overseas.

The Blacktown Workers Club is one of the oldest workers clubs in Australia. It began as an organisation to serve the community's working class and the club's logo (the image shown on the pin) reflects the area's history. Today the club is a large recreational venue for the wider Blacktown community, located, since 1960, at 55 Campbell Street, Blacktown, NSW.

Physical Description

Metal pin with white shield background and a black Aboriginal male figure in the centre holding his left arm above his head as if to throw a boomerang. He holds a spear in his right hand.

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