Drag costume made for and used by Dorreen Manganini aka Darren Budda-Dean, a proud Kamilaroi and Gomeroi man as part of an Arabian style costume worn to perform the song `Xanadu' from the Universal Pictures film of the same name. During the song, Dorreen twirled the cloak around, under strobe lighting. It became one of the most popular performances at the Xchange, and was Dorreen Manganini's signature number.

The costume was designed by Stephen Fitzgerald, an Aboriginal costume designer, who worked in theatre, television and one-off couture. He also worked on the 1992 landmark film 'Jindalee Lady', which was the first feature film to have an Aboriginal director, composer and costume designer.

Characters in the shows were often based on Pop Culture figures and icons from Film, Television and Music.

Costume purchased by the donor at a sale of drag show costumes held in 2006 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Xchange Hotel, in Commercial Road, South Yarra.

Physical Description

White polyester cloak with decorative top section comprised of purple, turquoise, yellow and clear sequins (the latter polyvinyl acetate polymer or PVA), brocade, beads and rhinestones. Yellow and gold tassels, comprising a mixture of a nylon substrate and cellulose nitrate coating, frame the edges around the shoulders. Two golden cords and tassels hang down at the front. Purple and gold circular centrepiece has cascading gold chains.

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