Patriotic printed paper certificate, full colour, inscribed 'A Help to Victory on Empire Day from the Boys and Girls of the Empire'. The certificate features a group of prople including an allegorical Brittania, an archetypal soldier and sailor, two girls and a boy. It is inscribed with the name May Smith.

The certificate was issued by the Over Seas Club in London. It was cheaply made, and mass-produced.

The Imperial War Museum, London, holds a poster relating to this program. That poster gives a context to the certificate, boasting that 'Since the outbreak of War the School Children of the Empire have contributed over 5,000,000 pennies, enabling the Over-Seas Club to send more than 400,000 parcels of Tobacco, Cigarettes, and other greatly needed comforts to the fearless Soldiers who are driving back the enemy, and to the gallant Sailors who are keeping steadfast watch on the submarine and mine-infested seas. This is a splendid tribute to the interest and pride with which the rising generation is watching the splendid exploits of the heroes who are fighting for the honour of our glorious Empire and the freedom of civilization'.

Empire Day was celebrated on 24 May (Queen Victoria's birthday) from its inception in 1905, to promote patriotism in the British Empire, amongst school children in particular. Schools typically sung verses of "Rule Britannia" and "Advance Australia Fair" on Empire Day before a half day holiday.

Physical Description

Rectantular printed paper certificate, full colour. Features image of group of people on left, looking across sea with battleships to a green field beyond, on which soldiers with guns fight. The group of prople comprises an allegorical Brittania, an archetypal soldier and sailor, two girls and a boy. A shield in front of them is inscribed '1917'. A British flag is draped at their feet. Stylized rays of sun extend from behind the group of people. Some creasing of certificate, particularly in upper right and lower left corners; staining visible on back.

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