One of 108 images in an album from World War I likely to have been taken by Captain Edward Albert McKenna. The album contains photographs of the 7th Battalion in Egypt.

Image of a Bedouin camp. According to the inscription this image was taken on the trip Captains McCrae, McKenna and Mason and Lieutenants Chapman, De Ravin and Scanlan took to 'Sakara.'

'Sakara' is likely to refer to 'Saqqara' an ancient Egyptian burial ground most famous for the 'Step Pyramid' of the Third Dynasty Pharaoh Djoser (Netjerikhet) and its associated complex.

The album relates to the service of Captain Edward Albert McKenna. McKenna served in the 7th Battalion Australian Infantry and was killed in action in Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, aged 37.

Description of Content

A bedouin camp located in a sparse landscape. Two individuals standing in front of the tent are just visible. A small goat to the left of the tent is also visible.

Physical Description

Black and white photographic print on paper with a white border.

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