Magazine 'Smoke Signals' Vol 1, No 6. Smoke Signals is the official magazine of the Aborigines Advancement League, it is published by the Associated Publicity Services, East Melbourne, Victoria. The first editor was Pastor Doug Nicholls.

The significance of this early edition of the magazine lies in its publication by the Aborigines Advancement League early in the organisation's history. The League was founded in 1957, and 'Smoke Signals' began to be published from 1960, and remains in publication to the present day (2011).

Physical Description

Magazine of 64 pages with numerous black and white illustrations. Front cover has a bearded Aboriginal figure in black and a background treatment in green.


This magazine documents the growing political movement led by Aboriginal people in Victoria in the advocacy of Indigenous rights. It also illustrates in its articles and advertisements some of the challenges in changing people's perceptions and knowledge of Aboriginal people.

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