Image of Poem written by Miss Eve Haynes who migrated to Australia from England on the New Australia with her family, aged 14, in December 1955. They spent their first few days at the Migrant Reception Centre at the (Royal) Exhibition Building. The poem describes her first impressions of life at the centre and in Australia.

Hydranges in their bright brass pots,
Children, Mums and Tiny Tots,
Lunch bell rings and in they rush
and gobble up the lot.

Shiny boards and dusty feet,
cranky cook to cross too speak,
bathroom doors that do not shut
and in he peeps.

Take a trip out to the 'Gully'
in a rattler there's no hurry,
baby left behind at home,
now he's grown.

In a street so long and bright
all a glitter late at night,
eyes of men out on the prowl,
that's not right;;.

Sirens wail and trams pass by,
sun beams down from summer sky,
to this place that we have come,
our new home.

The horses tied up at the post,
on a visit to our host,
Magpies call from tree to tree
life's so free.

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Typed poem of six stanzas on a white page.

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Black and white slide.

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