Correspondence between Cherry and others, and a memo, relating to the appointment of EH Palfreyman to the CSIRAC project. The file also contains a letter to Cherry from Palfreyman written after Palfreyman had left the University's computer project and joined the Methods Section of the Commonwealth Public Service. At the time of writing Palfreyman was working on a WREDAC program at the Weapons Research Establishment at Salisbury, SA.
Correspondence details:
21/10/55 T.M.Cherry to Posts & Telegraphs Dept Requesting secondment of E.H. Palfreyman to CSIRAC.
24/11/55 Postmaster Gen Dept to T.M. Cherry Approval should be forthcoming for E.H. Palfreyman secondment.
25/11/55 T.M. Cherry to Postmaster Gen.Dept Thank you for recommending approval for E.H. Palfreyman.
Undated T.M. Cherry submission to Registrar Appointment recommendation for a Mathematician.
15/12/55 Registrar/MU to T.M. Cherry Approval for appointment of E.H. Palfreyman.
5/5/57 E.H. Palfreyman to T.M. Cherry Working on WREDAC program at WRE/SA.

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