File containing correspondence and reports relating to CSIRO computer uses and needs at the University of Melbourne and elsewhere. The file includes letters to Thomas Cherry from EA Cornish of the Mathematical Division of the CSIRO and from F Hirst of the Computation Laboratory at the University. It also includes the reports: 'The Computing Facility for CSIRO', which outlines projected computer requirements for the organisation, and 'Review of CSIRO Computer Utilisation' which contains statistical data and explanatory notes on the the use of the CSIRAC machine.

'Review of CSIRO Computer Utilisation' has data and notes under the following summary headings:
1. Utilisation of CSIRAC during 1958-59;
2. C.S.I.R.O. usage of CSIRAC;
3. Summary of C.S.I.R.O. Projects on CSIRAC during 1958-59;
4. Computing Projects deferred or declined for CSIRAC;
5. C.S.I.R.O. Computing at other centres;
6. Survey of Future Computing Requirements.
Section 3. includes explanations of projects undertaken by each of the listed divisions of the CSIRO and the computer hours used.

Physical Description

Correspondence details: Undated Report (1958-59) - 'Review of CSIRO computer utilisation'. 22/7/59 - EA Cornish/CSIRO to T.M. Cherry - CSIRO computer usage current and projected. 24/7/59 - F. Hirst to T.M Cherry - Computer usage by CSIRO and others. Suggesting CSIRO grant increase. Undated Report - 'The Computing Facility for CSIRO' outlines projected computer requirements for the organisation (undated).

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