A manilla folder with the title '1.Executive' containing documentation for the following programs classified under the category 'Executive':
- T001 B100 Primary And Control (2 versions).
- T002 B100 Library Tape Symbol Print.
- T002.1 B100 Tape Symbol Punch, Drum Annotations/Library Tape Symbol print using 5-hole equipment- (3copies/2 versions and Code L2.)
- T002.2 B101 Tape Symbol Punch Using 5 Hole Equipment (without tabs).
- T003 B100 Punch From Store in binary on 12-hole tape.
- T004 B100 Primary & Control.
- T007.1 B110 Teleprinter Test (2copies).
- T007.2 Output Punch Test (2copies).
- T012 B107 Check Print Compact Punched Data.
- T020 B124 Friden Tape-Command Entry.
- T180 B111 Symbol Print from Store in Single Column.
- T181 B111 Symbol Print From Store in Blocks of 2,3,4.
- T182-182.2 B111 Control Routine Storing Parameters in D.
- T183-183.2 B111 Control Routine Parameters in D, stored at end of Memory.
- Console Copy T.S.P. (annotated by J. Spencer).
- Storing of Orders from Tape.


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