File containing correspondence mainly from the files of Frank Hirst, Officer in Charge, Computation Laboratory, University of Melbourne. It includes correspondence and other documents relating to: enquires concerning computer and programming courses, visiting personnel, lectures and conferences, invitations, journals and thank-you letters. It also includes a copy of the Australian Computer Society booklet of constitution and list of foundation members.

Physical Description

Correspondence includes: Client thank you letters: Institution of Radio Engineers (dated 22/6/56), Kyneton Business & Professional Women's Club (dated 9/2/59), Institution of Radio Engineers (dated 9/6/59), Forests Commission of Victoria (dated 24/8/59), Baker Institute (dated 22/10/59), University of Melbourne, School of Education (dated 2/11/59), Commonwealth Public Service Inspector (dated 11/11/59), State Electricity Commission (dated 1/7/60), Frankston Teachers' College (dated 30/9/60), Education Department (dated 13/4/61), Australian Society of Accountants (dated 20/12/61), Sixteen Millimetre Australia (dated 6/9/62) Business Cards: McLean T. Martin of Philips Electrical Industries; Hollis-Bee/Servian Machine Tools; Ronald J.T. Payne Pty Ltd; Laurence A. Wade/Mullard-Australia Pty Ltd; R.T. Reynolds/IBM World Trade Corporation/NY; James L. Griffin/Australian Mutual Provident Society Miscellaneous: Blank routine sheets (3xsheets) (16872); Blank "Computation Laboratory" Letterhead (2xsheets) (16873); Undated - Quis; Undated - Computer print outs (2 pages); CSIRAC Editing Plate (15985); Undated Envelope - addressed to G.W. Hill, Uni of Melbourne - Parking in grounds instructions & parking permit (handwritten calculations on reverse of envelope); Undated Envelope - Addressed to Mr. Hill from Dept of Civil Aviation; Undated Chart - Conversion of Hong Kong standard time to true solar time; Undated Curriculum Vitae - Frederick Kenneth Wright; Undated - Dept of Defence EDP programmer positions; Undated Brochure - Elliott-Automation 'The Elliott-Automation "Self-Service" Computer Centre'; 7/3/62 Advertisement - Uni of Adelaide/Position of Director of the Uni Computing Centre; 4/7/61 Data Control - Change of address card (handwritten notes on reverse); Undated With Compliments - From Kent, Brierley & fisher (handwritten note); 28/8/56 - The Victoria Ltd, Booking reservation for M. Beard; Undated Change of address notice - Percy Boyden (Vic) Pty Ltd; Undated Interprogram Matrix Data for T504M #4. Lists: Undated - Names for Post Graduate course in tropical architecture (faded); Undated - Visitors to the University during 1962; 5/4/61 - Victorian Computer Society, Constitution and List of Foundation Members; 23/10/59 - Science Teachers' Asscn, Bursary meeting - award winners listing. Notes: Undated Notes - Handwritten calculations; Undated Notes - Handwritten on MU letterhead; Undated Notes - Handwritten; Undated Note - T. Pearcey address UK (handwritten); Undated Envelope - Notes of contacts for Geoff Randell / Keith Henderson / Telegraph maintenance (handwritten); Undated Envelope - Notes for contacting NGN Electrical Ltd/UK-Fluon or Teflon (handwritten); Undated Envelope - Note for contacting Robin Bartlett (handwritten). Reports: 1987, Ivanhoe Grammar School 'The Ridgeway' - school publication No.59, Term III-'Old Boy achievements recognised' - Frank Hirst (page 8); 1958, Lectures 1958 - Listing of Lectures-Physics Department; Undated Examiner's Report by F. Hirst; Notices: Undated - Application for Admission details; 28/10/60 - Royal Melbourne Technical College Department of Civil Engineering Notice, re C.F. Koerner Memorial Lecture; 31/3/61 Uni of Melbourne - Union Theatre performance by Opera School; 15/12/60 - Public Lecture, Computers in Russia" by Dr.A.D. Smirnov (2 copies); 10/9/57 - Computer Colloquium, J.M. Bennett to speak on 'How Computers are Born' to be followed by discussion of possible courses of action for forming a Computer Society in Australia; 25/2/55 - Melb Uni Staff Association, New Staff salaries and conditions; 22/10/59 - T.E. Lowe/Baker Institute, Announcing seminar/speaker F. Hirst (24/19039); 9/7/57 - Aust Inst of Mgmt, Circular advising of training on CSIRAC. Statements: Undated - Formation expenses of Victorian Computer Society. Press Releases: Undated - ABV2, GTV9, HSV7 - re visit of two Russian scientists General Correspondence: 8/6/45 - Ferranti Ltd/UK to Uni of Melb - Enclosing list for IN.17-new 7-range clip-on ammeter (list not on file). 15/1/55 - Butterworth & Co to Uni of Melb - Advising of their publications on automatic digital calculators. 4/4/55 - F. Hirst to Board of Extra-Mural/UK - Requesting record of lecturs/syllabus of digital computing course. 6/7/55 - F. Hirst to B.H. Blackwell Ltd/UK - Payment and value of periodicals he is sending to them as arranged. 5/5/56 - H.H. Robertson/Teddington to P. Swan - Re publication of paper n-He3, n-T/errors therein/machine time & programs for DEUCE for p-T, p-He3 problems. 29/5/56 - Phil Hyde to F. Hirst - Personal letter/Geoff Chandler update. 22/6/56 - R.R.Mackay/Inst of Radio Engineers to F. Hirst - Thank you for lecture (34/19049).

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