Name plate (plaque) prepared to be permanently attached to the machine by The University of Melbourne, Computation Laboratory upon its transfer from CSIRO and on display at the official handover ceremony. This name plate was the first to be produced but was incorrect by the omission of the words 'and Industrial' and was replaced.

Plate reads: "This machine named CSIRAC was constructed to the designs of T. Pearcey and M. Beard in the Radiophysics Laboratory of the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization which has transferred it on loan to The University of Melbourne". The name plate is accompanied by a note from Frank Hirst to Trevor Pearcey, dated 21 October 1982. The note mentions that he had both plates made, and that the correct version would have still been on the machine when it left the University of Melbourne.

Physical Description

Rectangular metal plaque with holes in each corner. Engraved text in upper case , with border framing text.

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