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The shopfront of a milk bar in the early 1980s. This photograph shows the 'K & A Pappas Australian & Continental Milk Bar'. The milk bar was acquired by Athanasia and Konstantinos Papadimitropoulos in 1972. It was located at 295 Gilbert Road West Preston and is still a milk bar. When the family purchased the shop it was a single fronted milk bar with a small house attached in the rear. The right half of the shop front was originally the garden of the residence. The family expanded the shop to the property drive way and significantly extended the residence. The family lived there for 20 years, leaving in 1992. For a short period of three years from 1983 to 1985 they sold the business and leased the freehold to be able to travel. The new owners went bankrupt and the family reacquired the business in 1985. The name on the door is 'K & A Pappas' which was an abbreviation Konstantinos and Athanasia used for a short period until their children grew older and objected.

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