Black and white photograph featuring Allan Trainor, a tiler, standing on the roof of Brian and Vera's Watson's first house, which was being built in Lewis Street, Greensborough, circa 1959.

Part of a series of 18 images contributed by Brian and Vera Watson, showing the construction of their house in about 1958-1959 in Greensborough. The house was built by Brian Watson, Vera and their friends and family over two years, while they were engaged. The house was largely built on the weekends, with friends and family organised in 'working bees' around particular projects.

Brian Watson remembers: 'Because the block sloped, the house was double storey at the back and the front was level.' This view shows the garage at the back, steel window frames in the garage, and the lounge room and kitchen frame being built. Brian says there were 'no harnesses or frame work in those days.' There was a shortage of materials such as bricks, and of labour. Brian was lucky to have a friend who was a builder, Albie Birrell, who gave him advice and help. In return Brian would sometimes work for Albie on weekends. Vera and Brian would bring a camera and take photographs at each significant stage of construction.

Photograph collected as part of Melbourne's Biggest Family Album in 2006.

Description of Content

A man with a stack of tiles standing on the roof of a house under construction. The house has a brick first storey with two windows and garage entry, and a wooden framework on the second storey.

Physical Description

Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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