Colour photograph showing Alan Free's new house being built in Westmeadows, February 1994.

This is one of a series of seven photographs taken by Allan Free to mark the stages of building his new home. This image shows a view of the slab, showing neighbouring houses. The Free's house was ready for occupation on 25 October 1994.

A.V. Jennings designed and built the house, in the 'Ironbark style'. It was selected off a plan. The neighbourhood was vacant land before A.V. Jennings built a development with 43 homes on the subdivision. Previously the land had been set aside for a primary school. Alan Free's wife and daughter chose the house. Alan worked for the airlines, and when his family visited they realised they were facing Gellibrand Hill and could see the planes flying over head, and so chose the house block for him, on a corner site.

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A more distant view of a concrete slab for a house construction site, showing the distance between it and the house on the corner block.

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