Digital copy of a postcard showing two families having a picnic in a park, circa 1915-1916. The children sitting on the seat are: Sam Baitz, Rosa Grosby, Alexander Baitz, and Nathan Grosby, and the adults standing behind them are: Elias and Rachel Baitz, Celia and Moses Grosby (Grosovsky).

The Baitz and Grosovsky families immigrated to Melbourne from Minsk, Russia via Africa arriving in January 1915. Elias and Moses were brother-in-laws and in 1915 they formed a partnership, Grosovsky & Baitz, and began manufacturing handbags and wallets. They added slippers to their products in 1916 and in 1919 the company name was changed to Grosby Manufacturing. The partnership between Elias and Moses dissolved in 1926, although Grosby continued to be run by the Grosby (Grosovsky) family manufacturing slippers and footwear.

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Four adults standing and four children on a park bench. There are hats and umbrellas in the grass in front of them.

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