Black and white photograph featuring Bernadette and Jennie Liddell playing in their canvas wading pool with neighbour Janice Nichols, in the backyard of their home in Bentleigh East, 1969. The Liddell family set their wading pool up to 'splash around in' on hot summer days. Bernadette and Janice are on mock starting blocks, pretending they are ready to dive into the pool, while Jennie acts as the starter.

Photograph collected as part of Melbourne's Biggest Family Album in 2006.

Description of Content

Two girls in a mock 'starter's pose', ready to dive into a canvas wading pool, with another girl acting as 'starter', with her had in the air. The back of a house is visible.

Physical Description

Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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