Colour photograph showing the photographer's four sons, John, Gordon, Paul and David Symons in the sunroom/family room in their house, eating dinner, at Strathmore, spring 1985.

The photographer Judy Archer's plate is visible at the table where she stepped back to take the photograph. Their father was no longer with them. Judy was raising her sons as a single mother and training for the ministry, attending university and living on the single parent's pension. Paul and David were working, and John and Gordon were still at school.

Description of Content

Four boys sitting on wooden chairs around a circular wooden table with a table cloth on it, eating dinner in the sun-room of their family home. A fifth plate with dinner on it sits on the table with an empty chair in front of it. The walls of the room are wood panelled, and orange curtains hang on the windows.

Physical Description

Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original colour print.

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