Black and white photograph showing the Ellerbock family on a dirt footpath, standing next to white picket fence, on Bedford Road, Ringwood East. The photograph was taken in the summer of 1956. Anna Ellerbock and her children, Anna Jnr., Ingrid, Herb, and John Jnr. were dressed up for a Sunday afternoon walk.

The Ellerbock family immigrated from Upper Austria to Australia in 1955. They were sponsored, and their sponsors arranged for them to have temporary accommodation in Ringwood East from July 1955 to May 1956. They then settled in the area, and Mr Ellerbock was naturalised in 1961.

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Mother, two girls and two boys, in their Sunday best on a dirt footpath. There is long grass and electricity poles to the right of them, and a picket fence to the left. A row of houses stretches out along the street at left behind them.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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